Code Breakers – Police, Politics and Blacks Organizing.

Code Breakers3000Tonight we will focus on several topics including:

Trump details whiteness and it’s importance.

Milwaukee: Racism and Anti-blackness.

Sheriff Clarke: What does it mean to be Black? (Note: The problem is White people practicing Rasicm)

Pan-Africanism, Why it matters? (South Africa and Angola)

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2 Replies to “Code Breakers – Police, Politics and Blacks Organizing.”

  1. We need to study the system of white supremacy racism, so we can understand the context in which we live in, as black people within the system of white supremacy.

    In order for us to see the context and gain a foresight and insight of who we are and where we are.

    We need to study and read.

    We need to stop talking about celebrities and about our great ancient history.

    We need to do the work to help us with our lives now.

    1. White supremacy expresses itself in all areas of people activity. People should study all nine areas including #3 entertainment (celebrities) and #2 education (history).

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