Can we just admit that cops are people and people lie all the time?

By Scotty Reid – A Georgia slave catcher has been fired after lying about being shot by a black man. Jackson police have announced that former Jackson slave patroller Sherry Hall has also been charged by the Georgia Bureau of Investigation. The GBI after investigating secured a warrant charging Sherry Hall with false statements, tampering, interference with government property and a violation of oath of office.

Hall was shot in the stomach and made a radio call from her patrol car that a black man had shot her and fled thus putting all black men in Jackson, Georgia at risk of being beaten, shot and killed by other officers. After an investigation it was determined that Hall lied and may have shot herself, officials have not stated how Hall came to be shot.

“There is no person out there with a gun shooting at our police officers,” Towaliga Judicial Circuit District Attorney Richard Milam said at the news conference. “There is no person out there that needs to be found.”

This story comes after the release of video from 2011 showing a former St. Louis slave catcher yelling he was going to kill a suspect he was chasing in a car chase that reached speeds up to 80 mph. After getting the man to stop killer cop Jason Stockley used his personal AK-47 to murder 27-year-old Anthony Lamar Smith and then planted a gun on him. Stockley is just being charged five years after the murder. His partner who was driving the vehicle chasing Mr. Smith, has not been charged for lying in the attempted cover up nor has any other official.

Both of these stories and many, many more provide irrefutable evidence that cops lie all the time as Charlotte, North Carolina is experiencing protests and demands for accountability over the police killing of Keith Lamont Scott earlier in the week. Scott, a disabled 40 year husband and father who suffered a Traumatic Brain Injury which can cause confusion among suffers was gun downed by Charlotte cops as he was backing away from them with his hands at his sides. Many people are pondering if Charlotte police officers are lying and if a gun was planted on Mr. Scott and even questions have arisen over which officer fired the fatal shots.

Mr. Scott’s death investigation has been turned over to the NC SBI which may be investigating a similar killing of a Black man by police just miles down the road in Gastonia, NC. In February of 2015, Mr. James Allen, a 72 yr old vet was gun downed in his own home by police who had broken into his home in the middle of the night conducting a “welfare check”. The Southern Piedmont branch of the NC SBI could not verify on Friday if it had concluded that investigation or if it is still open after 19 months.

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