BTR News – Van Jones makes fool of himself praising Washington on CNN to attack Trump

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The third and final rigged presidential debate was last night and the biggest highlight was Hillary Clinton dodging the question on whether or not a Clinton administration would shoot down a Russian plane in Syria.

A panel of CNN political operatives including Van Jones seemed to be following a scripted narrative about Donald Trump saying he would not commit to accepting the results on November 8 but instead said we will cross that bridge when we get to it. Not once did anyone on the CNN panel point out that the Democratic primary was hacked and rigged. Van Jones as a black man and so-called “black social activist”, sounded foolish praising racist slaver President George Washington after Jones just appeared in the Ava DuVernay documentary 13th, which points out the exception clause in the 13th Amendment of the US Constitution that still permits slavery.

Everyone from first lady Michelle Obama to former stripper Amber Rose has weighed in on Trump’s caught on tape comments about molesting women. Mrs. Obama’s speech at a Clinton campaign rally is getting much praise. Why? I do not know other than she has many fans. Amber Rose said she understands Trump’s comments because he is rich, powerful and white and grew up with the means and ability to have his way with anything and anyone. She said when she was a young stripper, she might have been afraid to report the Trumpster.

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