BTR News – Donna Brazile’s quest for Mrs. Ann’s butter biscuits

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Donna Brazile, the long time Democratic insider who once bragged during the Democratic primary that as a super delegate, she was going to get “love, love, love”. What she meant was that people would be kissing her ass and possibly offering her butter biscuits. Apparently, Hillary Clinton aka Mrs. Ann has the tastiest butter biscuits as leaked emails are revealing that she helped Hillary Clinton cheat her way though the primaries and once that was over, she helped Hillary Clinton cheat in a CNN debate by feeding her the debate questions. She has been fired. Yet, we have people talking out both sides of their mouths trying to defend this unethical behavior and proclaim her a woman of integrity.

This is a perfect example of how proxy racist Black people operate in the system of racism.

This news and possibly more today on BTR News.

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