BTR News – Have you been traumatized by the Trump selection?

Tune in for an hour of news and commentary from a Black Perspective.

Today we will have open lines for the entire hour and invite anyone to share there thoughts on the selection of Donald Trump being selected to become the next CEO of USA INC. Based on some communications I have received and what I am reading and seeing in the media, a lot of Black people, non-white and white people are very upset and emotional about Trump trouncing Hillary Clinton in the general election.

A lot of people don’t understand the electoral college and how it works. What they don’t understand they write off as conspiracy theories and they don’t understand that candidates work to obtain the most votes in a state. Each state carries a predetermined number of Electoral votes. So while a candidate can win more votes than another candidate nationwide, the electoral college votes are what determines who will be the next CEO of USA INC.

In celebration of the selection of Donald J Trump, the KKK is planning a march here in North Carolina. There is nothing more ridiculous than the sight of a bunch of grown ass men and women gloating over one of their “own” being elected President of the corporation. Be vigilant behind the enemy lines of USA INC.

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