BTR News – Proxy of Racism: Stephen A. Smith Attacks Kaepernick Instead of the Unethical DNC

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In the wake of the selection of Donald J Trump to become the next CEO of USA Inc, lots of emotional people in the left wing of the racist system are looking to blame some one for Hillary Clinton’s predictable defeat.

The proxy racist tool of ESPN, anchor and commentator Stephen A. Smith went on a rant on national television looking to blame NFL quarterback Colin Kaepernick for the defeat of a racist Democrat by a racist Republican. Black people have free will, they have a choice and Kaepernick chose to not vote along with the majority of America for various reasons. Stephen A. Smith is choosing to be an attack dog of the racist system. Stephen A. Smith should make the logical decision for victims of a racist system and that is do not be a tool of racism in exchange for Mr. Charlie and Ms. Ann’s plantation butter biscuits.

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