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Today’s Entrepreneur – What is House 2 House Breakfast Lunch and Dinner?

Tune in for an hour of information and discussion around entrepreneurship.

Today we will speak with Steven and Lisa Vasquez about H2BLD which is located in Los Angeles.

h2hbld-logoHouse 2 House Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner (H2BLD), a technology company with a social mission based in Beverly Hills, CA. We are bringing the meal sharing concept to a community of guests and hosts who are passionate about where their ingredients come from, and who want to a creative dining experience with guests from all walks of life— from different neighborhoods, cities, H2BLD is creating a global company; our goal is that any guest will be able to find and attend H2BLD meals wherever they may visit. We define meal sharing as any meal, made in a home, that is eaten together with people who are connected through our website and app.

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