BTR News – CEO Obama refuses to take responsibility for role in clearing a path for Trump

Tune in for two hours of news, information and commentary from a Black Perspective.

Today we will look at and analyze some of the news headlines of the past 24 hours.

The take no blame game continues with the “leaders of the Democratic election with current CEO Barack Obama telling news reports he is not the blame for the rise of CEO elect Donald Trump. This comes after some Black Democrats blamed young black voters for not coming out to give energy to a woman who called them super predators when they were born and helped pass laws to put large numbers of them into slavery and the Clinton camp continues to blame the Russians and everyone else for the predictable loss.

A suspected racist and confirmed ass of a Chili’s manager has been suspended after serving a Black veteran a free meal on “Veterans Day” and then taking it back after a “Trump Supporter” and suspected racist challenged the black man’s veteran status.

USA INC has been put on notice that some of its military troops in Afghanistan could face prosecution in ICC for war crimes that the US government has not prosecuted.

Father of dead Dallas cop sues BLM, Al Sharpton and NBPP among others for causing a civil war that led to his son being killed along with other Dallas cops after US Veteran Micah X Johnson allegedly killed five of them during a BLM peaceful march.

The Donald Trump effect continues as more hoods come off public officials who while suspected of being racist crackers are now confirming that they are indeed racists. The latest incident involves a West Virginia official who called FLOTUS Michelle Obama an “ape in heels”.

Research claims to suggest that codified programming has led to less “biased” behaviors in people if the right words are used when having conversations with people about those biases. The Key, don’t call them names. Also, Malcolm X stated in the 1960s that programming can stop racism and teach self help.

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