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The act of offering an improvement to replace a mistake; setting right

Set Right?

 Divide and Conquer

Divisive tactic utilized by criminals and other offenders of humanity. In America, this alienating strategy ensures fighting among and between oppressed individuals and/or groups, so that they never stop to analyze, recognize and unite against their common enemy or oppressor.

While narrow- minded Republicans, Democrats condemn each other, the common enemies, political corruption, hypocrisy, run amuck (run amuck go mad, go wild, turn violent, go berserk, lose control, go insane, go into a frenzy). 

While mean spirited conservatives, liberals condemn each other, the common enemies, economic, sociopolitical, chaos escalate.

While naive Asians, Caucasians Indigenous people of Western Hemisphere, Africans condemn each other, their common enemy, racism white supremacy proliferate.

A COMMON ENEMY Can effectively conquer other people or places only when division exists amongst those people. People often fail to, or refuse to, recognize that their common oppressors benefit from such division, alienation and polarization.


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