The greatest impediment to  knowledge of self  is self perception. There is a general misperception that one is ones’ body, feelings, mind. The mind is the first broadcasting station and receiving set for the vibration of thought.

Self hate=the subconscious or conscious act of disliking ones’ self. Self hate is a learned response.

JAILHOUSE PSYCHOTHERAPY IS Encouraging Everyone to Ask, Answer, WHO AM I? A narrative is being told to Everyone that keeps focus outside of self growth, development, always seeing what is believed, what is taught, for the benefit of the few.

Thanks Everyone for Countering the Mistreatment Colonized System of Imperialism by Pursuing “ABSOLUTE TRUTH”, Acquiring, Living Knowledge of Self. Of The Understanding of Oneness of All. Asking, Answering  Silently, Aloud WHO AM I?                                                      What am I being Taught? Question Everything.

Know, Understand Values, Philosophy of Existing System and where I stand.

Always ask the question “Is what I believe, think, feel or perceive absolutely true?” For only Absolute Truth is true. Anything else is not true, hence not real and non-existent.

WHO AM I? Ans. Undifferentiated energy matter,from which all are made.

In the Original State= No Energy, No Matter!


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