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Revisiting Idea of Self Knowledge to Counter Super Natural Abnormal day to day existence.  Remember, The Human is not Self.

Nature and Structure of ‘Human Mind’

  1. The human premise is impossible.
  2. The impossible human premise is ‘I’ based on the ’I Thought’
  3. The basic thought of human is ‘I’ exist separate and apart from   the Infinite (God) and separate and apart from Absolute     Truth.

  4 . As a result all humans suffer because they think , thinking is

always limited and incomplete, only the infinite is complete and unlimited , see that?

  1. Since human thinking is always incomplete man must seek for something it does not have– completion.
  2. The mind’s purpose is to insure that man feels incomplete with the result that man always has a problem AND THE SOLUTION IS NEVER PRESENT WITHIN MAN BUT ALWAYS OUTSIDE.
  3. Human thinking is therefore outwardly oriented insuring that man will think the source of his satisfaction is external.
  4. The result is that man suffers from lack, has desires and struggles thereby creating the human story.

  9.The True solution is to turn within, see the nature and structure of the human mind and know that the true identity is infinite peace and love which is who and what I Am.

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