Justice Radio Station ‘JAILHOUSE PSYCHOTHERAPY’ Pursuing “ABSOLUTE TRUTH” Nightly 11 p.m. Est.


Imagine going on a journey with no destination in mind.  On this journey…

The Destination now, the plan now everyone is PURSUING Absolute Truth, Constructive results expected, the individual guaranteeing no one is mistreated, including the individual. Constructive results expected , stop so-called national deceit, stop self deception. When a system is unjust, the laws and rules used to maintain the system are incorrect, In a system of justice where no one is mistreated, these same laws will be correct, get it? Evaluate, analyze. Tell lie long enough a lie such as this strategy of race classification, appearing embraced by most people. Most think it is real, a problem to be solved and not sure how to solve it.

It appears that everyone’s Identity is being stolen and replaced with a false one. This is why the lovely children, older children and oldest children MUST Answer ” WHO AM I?”

The Antidote is here for everyone, ABSOLUTE TRUTH. Revisiting Knowledge of SELF As Needed, RIGHT NOW! ‘JAILHOUSE PSYCHOTHERAPY’ LIBERATION REVOLUTION !

Peace, Ultimate Health, Prosperity Everyone! EXPRESS SELF!

Email: democracyversusjustice@gmail.com

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