BTR News: Trump appointing possible global drug smuggler to Transportation Secretary?

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While Trump proclaims to be about “law and order”, he may appoint a possible global drug smuggler to the post of US Transportation Secretary if Elaine Chao, “a Republican activist and former Reagan administration official who would later serve as secretary of labor in the George W. Bush cabinet” assumes the post.

According to an article in The Nation from 2014 by Lee Fang, the Chao family shipping business may involve global drug smuggling possibly going back to the tons of drugs corporations smuggled out of Vietnam to bring to America.

The investigation into drugs found on the Chao owned ship Pin May being conducted by Colombia has disappeared from the corporate news headlines with not a single follow up and the questions concerning the Chao families possible long standing ties to drug smuggling are being ignored in relation to Trump’s reported selection for an important post in USA Inc.

This news and more today on BTR News.

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