BTR News – “I Am Enough” Empowerment Campaign w/ Harold Leffall

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“In a moment when women, minorities, the disabled and gays are being marginalized by political rhetoric, author and speaker Harold Leffall has launched the “I Am Enough” campaign to serve as a reminder to communities that they matter and have power to determine their destiny. This movement was kicked off with the launch of the “I Am Enough” t-shirt line which serve as a visual reminder to those feeling hopeless that they still have the power to make positive change in their communities. This affirming message seeks to counter that individual differences represent deficiency.”

About Harold Leffall
Harold is the author of two books: Living from Within: Getting to the Heart of True Happiness, Self-Acceptance and Peace, and Brother CEO: A Business Success Guide for African American Men. He is also an entrepreneur who has been featured in Black Enterprise, Entrepreneur and Best Self Atlanta magazine.

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Harold Leffall

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