Obama Does Nothing While A US Backed Dictator Murders Thousands In The Streets

By Scotty Reid, BTR News – The US funded global drug war has claimed the lives of up to 6,000 people in the Philippines in 2016 alone as its president, military and state sponsored death squads continue to round up and execute without trial, all people suspected of selling drugs, using drugs and this includes their family members including children.

USA INC provides the Philippine government with over one hundred million of US tax dollars  with some of it specifically earmarked to enforce United States and United Nations drug policy in the Philippines. The United States has only once publicly scolded the president of the Philippines for the mass murders taking place. President Rodrigo Duterte responded by calling President Obama the “son of a whore”.CEO elect Donald Trump reportedly called the Philippine President and told him what a great job he was doing murdering his own people and has invited the man who publicly admires Hitler to the White House.

In 2011, the Obama administration including the Clinton led State Department, the CIA and other intelligence agencies pushed fake news through their corporate news assets that the murdered leader of US ally Libya, Muammar Gaddafi was “killing his own people”.

What really happened was US backed rebels were robbing, raping and killing Libyan citizens and African immigrants in Benghazi and the Libyan government was responding to the threat. All the US Based alphabet networks helped pushed unverified reports that Gaddafi was killing his own people.

This week out going CEO Obama went on a corporate news comedy program to push fake news about Russians hacking the 2016 election instead of taking actions on the Philippine citizens being murdered by the thousands by their own US backed government. The incoming Trump administration has already endorsed the genocide taking place in the Philippines. People concerned about their tax dollars funding the Filipino genocide taking place should contact their local board members of USA INC and demand an end to military aide to the Philippines.

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