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Today the topic of “Fake News” in the USA will continue to be discussed in its historical context. As other independent voices have stated, the “Fake News Scare” coupled with a 50s era “Red Scare” is nothing but another attempt by elements in the US government to shut down the First Amendment protections of media outlets that are truly independent.

With reports that Facebook, the world’s largest news sharing online platform, is implementing censure tools involving third party gatekeepers who decide what is and what is not legitimate news, the occupied terror-tory of USA Inc is taking fascism mainstream in blatant efforts to gain even more control of the minds of the masses.

Whenever we are presented with threats, we have to think of counter measures. What are some of the counter measures the masses, independent media publishers and media justice organizations can take to combat this assault on freedom of speech and the right to consider alternative sources of information?

Iraq War Media Reporting, Journalism and Propaganda is a well researched and sourced 2007 article that should open the eyes of skeptics that refuse to believe that the corporate media is in bed with the US government to feed the masses disinformation and silence critics.

Before delving into the main topic, some other “news” to consider….

Today I just happened upon some “Christian News Programming” on cable and they were running propaganda film on the mistreatment of Jews by people in the Soviet Union (Russia) in the 1930s & 40s. Do you think that is a coincidence in the programming that while the “secular” corporate news programming its running its on “Red Scare” propaganda so is “Christian News” channels? This same propaganda tactic was used to garner public support for the creation of the nation of Israel and Soviet Jews (Ashkenazi) are the most dominant political group in Israel (Occupied Palestine) today.

Lastly, should Black scholars being spreading disinformation about the role of Native American tribes in slavery? Especially if they are doing it out of emotions because some Native American tribes have gotten forms of reparations from the US government and their efforts to obtain reparations have fallen short.

There were many “Black” Indigenous people settled on these lands that were wiped out by disease and later genocide. Prior to the US Civil war, The Seminole Wars demonstrated how runaway victims of slavery joined with various tribes to inflict heavy casualties against the US Army that wanted to not only take Seminole land but wanted to recapture those formerly enslaved and return them to slavery.

The whole point of me miring myself into this murky mess is to point out that so-called Indians are not the problem, the problem as has stated emphatically in counter-racist circles is white people (racist suspects). Of course, I have to acknowledge the role of the dastardly proxy racist in the equation who is always present. There are no “Indians” in the Obama administration stopping Black people who individually may or may not be the descendants of enslaved Africans. If Freedman as they call themselves wants to pursue reparations from the Cherokee Nation then they should and I would even recommend that they do. That is not what they want, they want to be recognized as citizens and enjoy the benefits bestowed to citizens of Cherokee Nation. In other words, they want equal treatment from their former enslavers and an equal share in the economy. History fact, there were just a small minority of the Cherokees forced, marched on the Trial of Tears by the US Army that enslaved Black people just like it was a small minority of white people who enslaved people but in both cases, the majority of people either indirectly benefitted and/or did not speak out or take action to end slavery.

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