BTR News – “Faithless Electors” Scheme Fails & Black People Meeting With Team Trump

The Electoral College scheme to deny Trump the election failed miserably yesterday. Clinton supporters seem unable to accept or understand that the Democratic Party ignored internal and public polling that indicated that Hillary Clinton gave Donald Trump the best chance to win and not the other way around. The Clinton media conspiracy known as the “Piped Piper Strategy” backfired just like the “Faithless Electors” scam failed to get state electors to break the law and deny Trump the electoral votes he won in one of the most “fraud free” elections since Barack Obama won the electoral college in 2008 and 2012. How can anyone of integrity continue to give money and energy Clinton’s failed campaign?

Corporate Black proxies are on attack mode against any Black person who meets with the Trump administration. Why? Do they have an agenda for attacking Kanye West, Jim Brown, Ray Lewis or any one who meets with the next CEO of USA Inc. Is it jealousy? Emotionalism? Is it envy? Is it proxy racism? Would the critics meet with Team Trump if they called them to discuss getting funding for whatever projects they have going on to address the issues of non-white people behind the enemy lines of USA Inc? Do you know who really own media platforms like The Root where history professor and Black Democrat Henry Louis is showcased as the owner? The Root was sold by the real owners to Univision whose CEO is Randy Falco.

If attacks are going to be launched against Black people meeting with Trump, will the same critics lob the same grenades at First Lady Michelle Obama who told Oprah Winfrey in an interview that she and Barack will do everything in their power to help Trump be successful because it would be good for all Americans. Really Mrs. Obama?

The ACLU is suing Pennsylvania for torturing pregnant women by placing them in solitary confinement and not providing them the proper nutrition they need since they are eating for two.

In news coming late because of modern slavery on America’s prison plantations, a 2016 prison strike advocate had some communications restrictions lifted. Shadow Post is reporting, “A 60-day restriction on email and telephone privileges ended for Imam Siddique Abdullah Hasan on December 5, 2016. Hasan, who is incarcerated at the Ohio State Penitentiary, was punished in October for participating in a live radio interview with NPR about the September 9 strike against prison slavery.”

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