Swing State Data and Democrats Suggest Clinton Ran Incompetent Campaign

By Scotty Reid, BTR News – The 2016 Presidential Election is over as the Electoral College confirmed Donald Trump as the next CEO of USA Inc. The Clinton Camp’s “Piped Piper” media strategy worked so well that not only did Trump win the Republican nomination but he won the Presidency and he has the DNC and Hillary Clinton to thank for his victory.

While Clinton surrogates continue to push fake news that the 2016 Election was hacked by the dreaded Russians, the real reasons for the historic loss are becoming known like the Clinton camp shunning help and advice from the Bernie Sanders camp. Former surrogates of Sen. Bernie Sanders say that Clinton’s staff ignored repeated advice for months to address free trade and other policies central to Sander’s voters—who are likely among those who ultimately stayed home on Election Night or cast a vote for someone other than Clinton after revelations of DNC rule breaking to hand the nomination to her.

Nomiki Konst, a progressive activist who served on the Democratic National Committee’s platform committee this year, said that Clinton’s team ignored advice to throw additional resources into Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania, the three states that ultimately cost Clinton the election by fewer than 80,000 votes combined.

In Michigan, a key state lost, Democrats are saying that the Clinton camp ignored the Union Workers Vote in Michigan and did not appear at one Union Hall event to stump for votes from that key voting block. Clinton’s get out the vote data in Michigan was filled with Trump voters instead of voters who might actually vote for Clinton. The Clinton ground troops were actually knocking on the doors of Trump voters instead of the doors of Democratic leaning voters.

There is more coming out but it appears that Hillary Clinton and her staff ran her campaign in the same manner in which she ran the US State Department, very incompetently and that is why Donald Trump will be sworn in as President and the Clintons will be watching on television.

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