BTR News – USA Inc Suspends Economic Aid To Philippines Because Of Mass Murders

Today Kwabena Rasuli of Clear The Airwaves Project will call in to discuss the latest news on the issue of Killer Radio in the Black Community.

Weeks ago, we reported that United States was in effect funding the extrajudicial murders of people accused of using or selling “illegal drugs” in the Philippines. Finally, word comes that the Obama administration was suspending economic aid and some weapons sales to the country.

We have updates on the states that recently voted to legalize medical or recreational cannabis, which will, definitely limited the number of potential slaves.

There is new research that shows that while mainly white adults are experiencing a high number of drug overdoses, teen use of these drugs have been continuing to decline.

Lets take a look at some of the latest news on slave catchers and plantation overseers getting caught breaking the law.

A response from President Obama on designating the KKK as a terrorist group was shared with me today. The response was pathetic and steeped in racism/white supremacy.

This news and possibly more today on BTR News.

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