BTR News – Chicago Teen Torture Case or The Hate That Hate Produced 2017

By Scotty Reid, BTR News – Malcolm X was once the subject of a documentary narrated by the great propagandist Mike Wallace for WNET titled “The Hate That Hate Produced” in which Malcolm X and the NOI but more generally the American Black Nationalist Movement that some say were portrayed as hateful Negroes angry as a result of the hate white America visited upon Black people.

Some may say that about the recent live streamed kidnapping and torture of a disabled white male who allegedly was befriended by a black female who for yet to be explained reasons, may have lured him into a trap. In the bondage torture film, yes, that is a film genre, the young terrified victim of the assault can be seen bond, gagged and huddling in a corner. His tormentors yelled racial epithets at their captive and express their displeasure with the election of Donald Trump.

Donald Trump has said things about Chicago specifically including the high rates of violence in the city while crime rates nationally are declining. It is not known if the assailants were referring to anything specially Trump said about Chicago or just his campaign and eventual election in general but his campaign and the extensive media coverage devoted to him has raised racial tension in the country to orange colored threat levels.

The assailants were arrested, charged, and due in court today for a bond hearing. It is not known if they have representation or will have to rely on a court appointed attorney but considering the atmosphere, they will undoubtedly need a good attorney, as the state is sure to ask for a maximum sentence if indeed the case proceeds to trial. Most cases in the criminal court system end in plea bargains as the weight of the time defendants are facing and the lack of effectual counsel make one less likely to take their chances with a jury.

The timing and the place this alleged crime happened could make for an interesting test case as it seems a perfect test case for an proposal made by a black New York attorney who wrote an article about jury nullification and how black people could use it to spread the pain of collective injustice in the courts. In the wake of the hung jury in the Michael Slager case in South Carolina where the former slave catcher was charged with murdering motorist Walter Scott., attorney Elie Mystal argued that when a black person is accused of harming a white person, black jurors should not convict the defendant so that white people know what it feels like to see white juries and jurors allow the white killers of black people go free.

Despite the different angles one could take in this case, justice demands condemnation of acts of torture against defenseless persons.

Justice also demands that BLM take action against the right wing pundits and their media companies that have knowingly spread false information about the BLM Chicago chapter being involved in the alleged kidnapping and torture. Glen Beck took to twitter and personally connected BLM to the crime. The first amendment does not protect individuals nor media companies from slander and defamation lawsuits and as a result of Beck’s accusations, members of the BLM Chapter have had their lives threatened. It is doubtful outgoing Obama administration will invoke the propaganda provisions of the NDAA 2017 against Glenn Beck and his media company.

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