BTR News – The Pros & Cons of Obama Administration’s Legacy

Join me (Scotty Reid) for my first broadcast of 2017 in the new time slot on Saturdays @ 7-9pm est as I take the programming in a new direction and new formats. Tonight BTR News will spend the first hour delving into the pros and cons of the legacy of CEO Barack Hussein Obama also known as the 44th President of the United States. More broadly and importantly we will include the legacy of his administration that includes many people like Hillary Rodham Clinton.

After the first hour BTR News will share some of the latest news of interests.

Apparently Dr. Boyce Watkins of the Your Black World media empire has been banned for 30 days from posting to Facebook. His reaction to the ban and other things he mentions in a youtube video were particularly interesting. Especially the part about black people developing their own social media platforms.

A Judge who happens to be classified as black has been removed from the trial proceedings involving the police killing of Philando Castile this summer. Defense have filed a motion asking for a new judge to preside over the upcoming legal proceedings involving Officer Jeronimo Yanez who is charged with manslaughter and two other felonies for dangerous discharge of a weapon in connection to the shooting. Yanez shot Castile seven times while the victim sat in a car with a girlfriend and their child.

The family of the “white” disabled man who was allegedly tortured in a live stream Facebook Video is speaking to the media. We have yet to hear questions from members of the media about whether or not they forgive his attackers and the family has offered no forgiveness. Maybe they are praying on it?

On a final note on the legacy of the administration of President Obama, supporters of enslaved black freedom fighter Dr. Mutulu Shakur are planning a social media campaign on his behalf asking for clemency based on time served. President Obama while granting pardons and commutations to victims of the corporation’s war on people calling it a war crime, has yet to free hundreds of US held political prisoners and prisoners of the war on non-white people and their land.

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