The C.O.W.S. Gwen Ifill, THE BREAKTHROUGH Part 6 (Conclusion)

Friday, January 13th 8:00PM Eastern/ 5:00PM Pacific

the-breakthrough-gwen-ifillThe Context of White Supremacy hosts the sixth and final study session on Gwen Ifill’s 2009 bestseller, The Breakthrough: Politics and Race in the Age of Obama. An award-winning journalist and anchor at PBS, Ifill, 61, died from cancer in November of 2016. Ifill was one of the few black female mainstream journalists, and she consistently discussed Racism during her journalism career. In fact, White Supremacy likely contributed to her passing at such a young age. During last week’s session, Ifill reviewed Obama’s 2008 tightrope navigation of Rev. Jeremiah Wright’s fiery sermon. Tellingly, the president used the rhetoric of racial “progress” to castigate Rev. Wright as a someone who failed to acknowledge how much things have “improved” for Victims of Racism. Touting the “racial progress” of the country has been a staple talking point during Obama’s tenure in the White House. Ifill also discussed former Massachusetts governor Deval Patrick. She discussed an incident where Patrick was racially terrorized by a group of Whites. Ifill failed to include Patrick’s commentary on the incident: “The worst that happened was that someone, a couple people, threw their cigarette butts at me. Nobody actually hit me, but you still feel wounded. And if you’re not real careful, you can feel ashamed too… . You feel ashamed of who you are — and what you are — which is a disaster.” Listeners should contrast how Ifill’s presentation of Racism with the pending Trump Administration.


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