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Former CEO of USA INC has been replaced and he left office without addressing many issues important to the Black community but did not release a single political prisoner associated with the Black power movement even though it is widely known that the US government framed many of the Black leaders it did not outright kill in its COINTELPRO operations. Obama was likely there last chance at ever being released but now we know they never had a chance even with him. Obama also did not remove cannabis from the DEA schedule list of dangerous drugs as asked to do before departing office. That now seems an unlikely move by the Trump Administration.

Donald Trump has been sworn in as the new CEO of USA INC. Eddie Glaude Jr. in a piece for says there are three areas Black communities must organize around for the long term future, education, jobs and criminal justice.

Will will foreign policy look like under the Trump administration. Will the United States military find itself in yet another military conflict or will the current conflicts be escalated with confrontations with China, Russia and Iran? Can White America survive much longer with non-stop wars. Former Congress Ron Paul says “there is a neoconservative axis in the Senate, made of John McCain, Lindsey Graham, Tom Cotton, which might destroy America by increasing the military spending up to five trillion dollars over the next five years.”

An article on Bloomberg, a mainstream financial outlet, says we can not keep turning prisoners into slaves because it does not deter crime.

A white teen says her parents are racist for being against her relationship with a Black male. She says her parents threatened to not give her money for college and she is raising money on GoFundMe. The father says he is not racist and does not want his daughter dating a black male because of racial hostilities in the South.

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