Race Treaty: Honoring Muhammad Ali: A Tribute Journey by Queen Samiyah Mu’El to the United Nations

Queen Samiyah Mu’El, of Philadelphia, PA, USA gives an account of who she is, her journey in the religious of Al-Islam, as a fighter for divine and human rights, and the background and reasons for honoring Muhammad Ali, as she prepares for a pilgrimage of sorts, to the United Nations Headquarters in New York, NY on Feb. 4, 2017 to honor the late Muhammad Ali.

Ali, may Allah be pleased, was catapulted on the world stage, first for his fight in the boxing ring, as world champion, then, again as a defender of the right of religion and right of self- determination, winning a USA Supreme Court Case, affirming his right as a conscientious objector, which included the restoration of his right to return and to pursue his professional boxing career, which overturned his conviction in 1971 as a draft dodger. His life is best remembered as a human rights fighter and justly deserves recognition as such and it is our honor to feature him tonight through the reflection of Queen Samiyah Mu’El on his meaning to her, a human rights fighter in her own right.

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