BTR News – Legend In Black Radio Takes On Racist Hate Radio Station KQQZ

BTR News, By Scotty Reid – Media Veteran, news publisher and radio station owner Paul Porter joins us to discuss a story reported by one of his platforms, In the story, Bob Romanik, a conservative talk radio host known as the so-called “Grim Reaper of St. Louis Radio,” used racial slurs including the word “nigger” to refer to corporate gangster rapper Waka Flaka.

Apparently, Romanik took issues with the rapper using a Trump tee shirt to wipe his ass. The rest of the audio segment which goes on for several minutes can be found at under the title “LISTEN: ST LOUIS SHOCK JOCK ROMANIK CALLS @WAKAFLOCKA N*GGER ON AIR”.

We also spoke to Mr. Porter about comedian and actor George Lopez calling a Black woman a “bitch” who took issue with one of his race jokes. Lopez said that two rules existed in the Latino community that is still in effect, “don’t marry black people and don’t park in front of our house”. The incident was captured on film.

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