Race Treaty: The Role of Forgiveness is the Black Struggle for Freedom: Part 1

Race Treaty Co-host Onaje Muid with Guest Ulysses “Butch” Slaughter. Ulysses “Butch” Slaughter joins Onaje Muid to start the series on Forgiveness. He will talk about his life journey from witnessing his father murder his mother at 12 years old, testifying against his father in court, spending 20 years plotting his death, then meeting him face to face and going through a spiritual transformation by embracing truth, following its wisdom, creating a community healing space that permit the people of Chester to witness his reconciliation with his father on stage and living the life of the ultimate forgiver. Listen in and hear the solution of the soul from the greatest redemption story known to man and find the path of your forgiveness and healing.

Founder of I Forgive University, author, film, maker, social worker, community healer, Butch’s story will change your life forever, in his story is that everything is possible, including our healing and liberation. You can catch his podcast on Blog Talk Radio.

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