BTR News: Chicago PD Thug Cleared By DA after Killing Innocent “Bystander”

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In the news….
Imagine your mother or grandmother is standing in her home going about her business when without warning she falls to the floor from a fatal gunshot wound. You go to visit Nana and there is a bullet hole in the front door a clear indication that she did not kill herself. Someone obviously is responsible for killing a “law abiding citizen” just standing in her home.

However, according to the newly elected Cook County State Prosecutors office, no one is responsible and thus no one will be held to account. Obviously if gang bangers had been responsible they would tracked down and prosecuted for murder. The thing about this particular gang member is they belong to the Chicago Police Department and protected by the local slave catchers union. Read more…

The media company that paid for the production of the Oscar nominated documentary “13th” directed by Ava Duvernay recently took out a full-page ad in the New York Times highlighting the glaring fact that slavery is still operating as an institution enforced through the loophole that allows slavery and involuntary servitude to exist if the person has been “duly convicted of a crime”.

The Netflix ad in the New York Times is titled “Plantation to Prison” and its opening monologue states, “The 13th Amendment officially abolished slavery in 1865. Yet involuntary servitude persists 152 years later, due to a loophole that shifted the practice to U.S. prisons.” This ad marks yet the biggest mainstream exposure to date for the new abolitionists movement” outside of the documentary itself. Netflix should be commended for paying for an abolitionist article in the New York Times. Unlike Donald Trump’s paid full page New York Times opinion piece calling for the death penalty for the media dubbed “Central Park 5”, the Netflix advertisement about prison slavery is based in facts and constitutional law. Read more….

Speaking of Netflix, the online streaming media company is taking heat from white people who are complaining that a soon to be released film on their platform is racist towards white people. Never mind the fake claims of racism are being promoted by the usual white nationalist websites and “conservative” media that tries to codify itself in “Patriotism”. The buzz being created is manufactured to silence black media or media from a black perspective and people who identify as white are faking offence over a 2-minute trailer.

The Real News Network, an independent outlet based in Baltimore published an interview with activist David Sheen who is Israeli and resides in Israel. Part of the interview focused on the rape culture and the rape culture that exists in Israel and the Palestinian lands. David Sheen has been a past guest on programs broadcasting on Black Talk Radio including this one and the abuse of African immigrants and Africans classified as Jews continues. Personally, I expect things to get worse with the Trump administration seemingly favors expanding Israeli settlements on Palestinian land and gave signals that they may move the US embassy in Israel from its capital to the disputed city of Jerusalem.  Update: Trump flip flops on statement and says embassy will not be moved.

Earlier this week, BTR News put out a podcast with Paul Porter of RapRehab and Industry Ears concerning a white conservative AM talker using the word “nigger” on the FCC licensed broadcast. In case there was any doubt that the station intentionally allowed this obscene language, Mr. Porter called the show live program whereas the word “nigger” was used several times by both Bob Romanik, the host in question on the radio station KQQZ St Louis and Mr. Porter in explaining to Mr. Romanik you can not use “nigger” on the terrestrial airwaves. Welcome to the new standard in broadcast radio!

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