Race Treaty: The Human Right to Culture and Education

Live from the IU African American Dance Company this week we bring you a live call-in show from Indiana University (IU)- Bloomington, Indiana focusing on the human right to culture and to education. Race Treaty will be onsite at the IU Dept. of African and African Diaspora Studies for their African American Dance Company’s (AADC) 19th Annual Workshop.

As Director for 40+ years, Professor Iris Rosa is the only remaining founding director of an ensemble within the AAAI. The Institute is part of the first and only full academic/ arts university program outside the HBCU system researching, preserving, and presenting African derived music and dances.

Amid continuing attacks on Black studies and Latino/a studies, educational programs like this are vitally important to combat the dehumanizing narratives and attempted marginalization of people of color. The AADC annual workshop mini-conference exposes students and community to global dance and drumming master artists from the U.S. (the Midwest, NY), Puerto Rico, Cuba, Ghana, and Jamaica in a celebration of the rich cultural heritage of the African diaspora.

Listeners and callers can learn and share about what the human right to culture and education means to them and the importance of African centered teaching and learning, especially in the current Decade for People of African Descent (2015-2024).

Your Race Treaty Host: Vickie Casanova Willis
To Participate Toll Free: 1-866-510-9025 or 704-802-5056
To Enter Question/Comment Cue Enter: Star-Star & Watch Your Background Noise!

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