BTR News: Jeff Sessions Likely To Get More People Killed Including Cops

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Will the new Attorney General get more people killed, including cops, with his intention to allow police department to escape the scrutiny of federal oversight concerning the killing of US citizens by slave catchers as well as their racketeering schemes to deprive the people of their life, liberty and property? Confederate crackers like Jeff Session’s talk a lot about state’s rights when it suits them but when it comes to the issue of cannabis legalization, Sessions is relying on dispelled myths about cannabis making people violent and he is making a mockery of the science behind treating health issues with cannabis.

Speaking of Sessions, he is the latest to be targeted by the Democrats alleging a Putin plot to control the Trump administration. As much as I don’t like Sessions, don’t like what stands for and do not like what he will bring in terms of how the DOJ operates, I just can not use lies and red scare tactics to bring him down. As a citizen journalist, credibility is every thing and the Democratic party does not have any credibility that they can be relied on as a credible source of information concerning this matter when in January of 2016 they were launching the same McCarthyism attacks on Bernie Sanders. I covered this in a podcast last night and want to play it again for those who may have missed it.

About 20 years ago or longer, I read a book about deviancy in the Catholic Church. The book, which I can not remember, discussed the bones of babies being found on the property of monasteries in Europe. These babies were the result of nuns getting pregnant by priests and disposing of the babies to hide their sexual activity according to the book. A similar story has come out of Ireland and while it does not involve priests getting nuns pregnant and killing the babies and hiding them, a Catholic home for unwed mothers in Ireland that shut down in 1961 was found to have a mass grave of babies and small children on the property. According to the story, this was covered up for decades by the church and local town folk.

Last week we discussed the issue of immigration and part of that discussion included part of the violence in Chicago being Hispanic gangs. Today, I came across a story about MS-13 gang members, here in the country without documentation, who kidnapped 3 teen girls and murdered one of them. Immigration advocates want to brush these sort of stories under the rug. Furthermore, I have been giving more thought to the notion of eliminating borders and there are some who believe in open borders but are these same people talking about they own property and enforcing of the boundaries of there property lines? MMMMM….

If I have time, I want to discuss confusion among counter-racists which are supposed to be working to eliminate confusion. After being trolled by a “counter-racist” who did not like me using the term “institutional racism” in a math problem I made up, 9″white people” + y = institutional racism. What is “y”?), this person trolled my page because I chose institutional racism over “white supremacy”. Then the person tried to re-define the definition of racism from that which is in the dictionary and has been for quite sometime. This led me to the following conclusion, “The only way you get to make up new definitions of words is to create new words. You do not get to change the definition of existing words from what they are in the dictionary or an encyclopedia. Making up definitions for existing words leads to confusion among the masses, will lead to squabbling and all kinds of nonconstructive activity. There is nothing more time wasting than having a conversation with someone who just makes up stuff as they go along.”

This and possibly more tonight on BTR News.

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