BTR News: Why the Comey Congressional Hearings Were A Sham

A non-partisan analysis of the Comey Congressional Hearings. Congressional hearings are underway with FBI Director James Comey and it is pretty much nothing to see. A lot of partisan hackery including a very dangerous statement from Rep. Jackie Speier (D-CA) who said the Russians committed an act of war against the United States. Congressman Denny Heck, another Democrat said we heard damning evidence that the Russians hacked the 2016 elections. Nothing could be further from the truth. However, let us ask ourselves some questions that were not asked by any representative participating in the hearings.

Did the FBI independently verify that Russians hacked DNC Server?

You all do know that the FBI never actually examined the DNC server to determine if a hack occurred at all. But take the DNC word for it, they are certainly a credible lot, they have no ulterior motive for this nonsense. How come none of these “smart” people have asked the FBI director if they examined the servers or not and why not.

Does Hillary Clinton or any members of her team have Russian business ties?

Did Hillary Clinton promote stronger ties with Russia?

Comey questioned on whether the election process was hacked but instead of giving a straight answer, where electronic voting machines hacked or any databases connected to the any states election. Comey said his department did not get into that type of analysis. Excuse me but would who would conduct such an investigation if not the FBI? A Washington Post Article claimed that voter suppression in states that require ids cost Clinton the election by suppressing minority voters but that is an excuse and the fact that many millennials, including minorities did not vote or voted for Jill Stein and other write ins. However, if the Democrats were so concerned about voter suppression, why did they not pass legislation to strengthen voter protections instead of spending Obama’s first term working to bail out banks and pass Obamacare?

Why No Congressional Hearings On DNC Primary Rigging?

John Podesta’s emails came up but not one question about what the emails revealed along with others, on the DNC rigging its primary in favor of Clinton and why the DNC is being sued for fraud in a federal lawsuit. In a response to that lawsuit, the DNC sought unsuccessfully to have the lawsuit dismissed claiming the plaintiffs new the process rigged and therefore should not have given money to their favorite Democrats running for the Nomination. If all these Representative are concerned about election rigging and fair democratic elections, where are the hearings on the DNC election rigging?

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