BTR News: N-Words On The Public Airwaves w/ Kwabena Rasuli

Kwabena Rasuli of Gary, Indiana based Clear The Airwaves Project which seeks to clear the public radio airwaves of songs with vulgar and violent messages, joined us for a segment of Black Talk Radio News.

N-Words On The Air

Bob Romanik is a KQQZ (1190 AM) radio personality who for a full 50 minutes on air in St. Louis, on Jan. 19, 2017 repeatedly called rapper Waka Flocka Flame a “no good, no count, greasy … nigger.” Romanik repeatedly mocked the way some Black people speak and then he invited listeners to call if they disagreed. “I know what a black, greasy son of a bitch’s take will be, ‘Well, he’s got every right to do that,’” he said.

The FCC was reluctant to intervene when Romanik referred to a political opponent as a “fag” on air, citing First Amendment free speech protections and has yet to do anything about Romanick on air n-word tirade. A news outlet in St. Louis, St. Louis Today believes that the FCC is overlooking is that Romanik has shown a pattern of abusing the public airwaves “far in excess of any known tolerance level”.

Resolution Against Killer Radio

Toxic killer radio has been a problem in the Black community since the advent of the gangsta rap genre made popular by record and radio executives. You can turn on urban radio stations and hear all kinds of vulgar, obscene and violent lyrics in the music broadcast over FCC licensed stations. However, there has been some progress against killer radio targeting Black people with some cities passing resolutions to clear the airwaves of this vile subculture of music.

Clear The Airwaves Project is a community organization that seeks to clear the public radio airwaves of misogynistic, violent, destructive lyrics on radio stations that are specifically geared to the Youth!

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