BTR News: American Citizens Under Siege In Madison County, Mississippi

By Scotty T. Reid – American citizens of Canton, Mississippi are under siege by the Anti-American Madison County Sheriff’s Department according to a lawsuit filed on behalf of victims being assisted by the American Civil Liberties Union of Mississippi.

The lawsuit demands that the court orders the Madison County Sheriff’s Department to stop conducting unconstitutional checkpoints, unlawful searches of homes, and using excessive force as part of what the suit calls “a coordinated top-down program” to illegally target American citizens. Randy Tucker has been Sheriff of Madison County, Mississippi since 2012 and claims to have dedicated his life to protecting citizens but has yet to comment on allegations that his department is targeting American citizens in what looks like another Ferguson, Missouri like operation to rob citizens of their dignity and money to fill the county coffers.

Sherrif Randy Tucker erected this “Blue Lives Matter” billboard in Madison County, Mississippi.

In one incident involving the targeting of an American family, six deputies stormed the home of the Manning family and attempted to force 35 yr old Khadafy Manning to sign a falsified witness statement about an alleged crime he never witnessed. When Mr. Manning refused, deputies allegedly handcuffed, choked and beat the handicapped man who uses a cane because of a nerve condition. Deputies called him “Mr. Cripple,” his wife said and proceeded to drag him out into the street and into a patrol car, beating him until he wrote a falsified witness statement.

Khadafy and Quinnetta Manning are among those suing the Madison County Sheriff’s Department since the United States Attorney General Jeff Sessions has pledged to law enforcement around the country to not investigate or prosecute law enforcement departments and their employees accused of gross violations of the rights of American citizens.

Scotty T. Reid has been writing and podcasting about social/political issues since 2007 and is the producer of several successful digital radio programs and the founder of a non-profit new media organization. He is a United States veteran of the Gulf War and one of the descendants of American revolutionary Samuel Rankin of Gaston County, North Carolina and founder of the Rankin Town colonial settlement located in what was then known as Tryon County, North Carolina. Support independent media with a donation today!

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