BTR News Video: The Fraudulent Celebration Of The Juneteenth Lie


Juneteenth is celebrated every year in the United States and is based on news reaching enslaved Africans in Texas two years after the civil war. However, the 13th Amendment of the US Constitution did not abolish slavery as evident in its text. Yet every year, millions of people continue to recognize this fraudulent myth as fact when the fact is what they call “mass incarceration” is really slavery by another name.

The point of Juneteenth, an official holiday in the USA, serves to keep people believing the lie that slavery was abolished. This way, no one will fight to end slavery because they don’t believe it exists when the 13th Amendment clearly says slavery is reserved as punishment for crime through the courts.

Stop promoting myths and lies and wake up to the fact that the job of ending slavery has not been completed.

Millions For Prisoners Human Rights March.

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