BTR Video: Tim Tebow Nearly Hits Fan With Flying Bat


BTR Sports – The “great college quarterback Tim Tebow isn’t doing too hot in his current job as minor league professional baseball player. The much-hyped athlete showed everyone why he is far from deserving of his spot on the Columbia Fireflies roster when he amateurishly flung his bat an impressive distance into a horrified crowd of spectators. After a very short stint as a professional quarterback in the NFL with probably 2 or 3 plays on his highlight reel, unable to accept that perhaps his competitive sports days were behind him, Tebow is attempted to try his hand at professional baseball.

Hey, it’s not like it hasn’t been done before when Deion Sanders and Bo Jackson, both NFL players who were good enough to earn a major league roster spots. However, Sanders and Jackson, Tim Tebow is not and let’s hope he makes it through the minor leagues without seriously injuring a fan while living his baseball dreams. Perhaps it may be a good idea to suggest fans wear protective gear whenever Tim Tebow is at bat.

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