BTR News: The Conspiracy To Cover Up Murder of Laquan McDonald

Three additional Chicago Police officers have been indicted in the conspiracy to murder Chicago teen Laquan McDonald, an at-risk youth who managed to graduate high school despite being a former ward of the state.

A grand jury on Tuesday handed down indictments that substantiated evidence of criminal activity related to the teen’s murder back in October of 2014.

Detective David March, Officer Joseph Walsh and Officer Thomas, face charges of conspiracy, obstruction of justice and official misconduct, according to the indictment from special prosecutor Patricia Brown Holmes.

The three cops lied about the content of the video, lied on official reports, lied about McDonald attacking officers and conspired to help fellow Officer Jason Van Dyke, currently faces murder charges, to get away with the brutal cold blooded murder of the high school graduate Laquan McDonald whose body was riddled with bullets.

While the indictments are warranted, it seems they should include Mayor Rham Emanuel who sought to make the case go away quickly and quietly and the former prosecutor Anti Alvarez who say on the video and investigation for an entire year without charging anyone in the teens’ murder at the hands of an overzealous slave catcher.

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