BTR News: Are People Hating On Sammy And Rachel Just For Hate’s Sake?


If Mr. Sosa in this internet diagnosis was raised in a society that valued light skin over the more melanized skin, is it not logical for it to manifest throughout his life given his resources to undergo more extensive depigmentation treatments.

I don’t understand the logic in giving energy to hating Mr. Sosa for hating himself. Hate is an emotion and emotions use up energy. It doesn’t seem logical to give such precious energy to hating someone who hates himself.

Interestingly, the same hateful energy that is directed at Mr. Sosa was also directed at Ms. Rachel Dolezal who has written a book about her transformative experience in called “In Full Color, Finding My Place In A Black & White World, Ms. Dolezal could be considered the exact opposite of Mr. Sosa. A “white” woman who began in her teens to assimilate and emulate an Afro American culture.

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