BTR News: India’s Politics Dominated By Dalits aka The “Untouchables”

The recent presidential elections in India should serve as an inspiration to oppressed people around the would with both the candidates coming from the bottom of India’s society, the “Dalits”. Not only was one of their own elected President but the most oppressed more melanized people in India have organized and now dominate India’s government.

While in the 1970’s the Dalits were looking to Afro-Americans for inspiration and even established their own Black Panther Party formation, it is now Afro-Americans who should look to them for political inspiration and organize politically at the grassroots level and get back on their Panther grind.

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Sources: India’s New President, Until Now Little-Known, Vows To Represent Less Fortunate

Dalit Panthers in India

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2 Replies to “BTR News: India’s Politics Dominated By Dalits aka The “Untouchables””

  1. The thing I dont like is when these Dalits and or Indians come to the USA they treat Black People worse than some of these rednecks, BUT when they need help and support they come to the Black Community

    1. But do you know they are Dalits? Or are they from the caste that likes to bleach their skin and obsessed with “whiteness”? One of those persons who is a rabble rousing naturalized Indian born in Bombay is Dinesh DSouza, the one who is obsessed with Obama and made those films. He is a straight up proxy of right wing racism.

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