BTR News: Why I Give A F*ck About Justine Damond

A writer by the name of “Son of Baldwin” published a piece on the platform Medium titled “I Don’t Give A F**K About Justine Damond” which was the writer expressing some pretty emotional views in my opinion that do nothing to address the issue of modern slave catchers killing Americans at about 1100 per year on average. He is entitled to his thoughts and his opinions just as I am entitled to the same.

source: I Don’t Give a F*ck About Justine Damond

Scotty T. Reid has been writing and podcasting about social/political issues since 2007 and is the producer of several successful digital radio programs and the founder of the non-profit new media education organization Black Talk Media Project and the Black Talk Radio Network. He is part of the New Abolitionists Movement to abolish slavery in the United States as permitted by the 13th Amendment of the US Constitution. He is a United States Army veteran, serving a tour in the Gulf War and one of the many descendants of American Revolutionary Samuel Rankin that still reside in Gaston County, North Carolina. He is also a descendant of Afro-Americans of North Carolina and the Cherokee tribes of Western North Carolina. He considers the Autobiography of Malcolm X to be the greatest influence on his life.

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