Thando Radio Show: What Is Your Outlet And How Does It Help You?

Live Monday through Friday, The Thando Radio Show covers global current events as relating and affecting the Black community to effectively respond from a position of advantage. Some of the topics that are explored will be how to purchase Silver & Gold and why one should have investments in Precious Metals. In the area of health, we discuss things like how to strengthen and detox one’s body. Collective prudence and why the Black community must engage in this form of economics.

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One Reply to “Thando Radio Show: What Is Your Outlet And How Does It Help You?”

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    Why now?
    Enough people know that they can put in an official, legal objection in order to ‘change things’.
    IF enough people make the correct efforts, We The People can effectively make the changes in relationships, that matter.
    Every human being needs to take their stand now.
    Has anyone noticed that there was some kind of force at work that couldn’t be seen, but everyone could feel? A sort of itch that couldn’t be scratched, and then moved away from your efforts? Get your ‘feelings’ ready, make them extra sensitive. Notice that the static presence, the squeeze, the weight, all seem to be gone or a lot lighter?
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    I propose that Collectively, ‘We’ stand together in order to win this.
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    That time is now.

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