BTR News: When Transexual Deception Leads To Tragic Consequences And The Need For Transparency

Tonight on the return of BTR News live, we hope to have a respectful open dialogue on the issue of nondisclosure by transsexuals who seek intimate relations with men who clearly identify as heterosexual and seeking relationships with natural-born women. While it is never alright to promote violence and engage in violence against another human being classified as transsexual because you don’t like them, it also not alright to expect rape victims to always be rational and unemotional towards their rapists. While some have sought to make a joke of the issue, no matter how honest or dishonest, this is no laughing matter when individuals are losing their lives and freedom when sexual deception leads to tragic consequences for all parties and their families.

We will start our dialogue by hearing from Ms. Kimberly Melancon, the mother of the victim of rape by deception, Dwanya Hickerson who was 20 years old when he unknowingly engaged in a sexual act with a transexual he met on a dating site where he listed he was interested in meeting women and not transsexual women. It appears that 25 yr-old Dee Whigham misled Mr. Hickerson and never disclosed their true sexual status. Facing the death penalty, Mr. Hickerson pled guilty to reduced charges and received 40 years in prison after killing Dee Whigham who apparently thought it was wise to disclose right after sexual contact. Ms. Melancon will be launching an initiative called GIA -(Gender Identity Accountability) in hopes to prevent tragedies like this on both sides.

If we have time after speaking with Ms. Melancon and any related calls, we will take a look at some of the news headlines of the past few days.

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