Race Treaty: African Descendants Status Change In USA Proposed w/ Dr. Mustafa Ansari

Our guest tonight joining us on Race Treaty hosted tonight by Bro. Onaje Muid is Dr. Mustafa Ansari, Dean of Students at American Institute of Human Rights, Political Author, Former Political Science Professor at College of Alameda, Studied Law at New College of California and Studied at New College of California School of Law.

Dr. Ansari recently published a plea for victims of American slavery to seek a legal status change in an essay titled “African Descendants of the United States Change their Status“. Dr. Ansari writes,

““A colonial power (the United States) cannot unilaterally impose a national and Identity status on African descendant Americans”. Political and identity status must be chosen or elected under international law. Status is everything and the United States cannot impose a ‘simple minority status’ on indigenous people” says Dr. Mustafa Ansari, Dean of the American Institute of Human Rights (AIHR). “African descendant people of the United States are indigenous which is consistent with history, democracy, international law, and early American population studies in the pre-colonial and post-colonial eras, which clearly show that the people called “Indians” are actually African Descendants.”

“Race Treaty” radio program highlights the various and daily violations of International Law as it relates to Racism & Human Rights. This will include a focus on “White Supremacy” as Systemic, Institutional, Structural and Personal/Interpersonal. We seek to engage Activist, Social Change Agents and other personalities addressing the issue of the “Race Treaty”. We will also highlight the UN 10 year Decade for Peoples of African Descent, news, and activities globally.

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