BTR News: Evidence of Clinton & The DNC Being Corrupt Is Undeniable

The DNC’s dirty tactics to hand Hillary Clinton the DNC nomination have long been reported on going back to 2016 but most of those who were pointing it out were gaslighted by Clinton’s troll army. Now that former DNC Chair Donna Brazile who has inside knowledge after taking over from the disgraced former Chair Debbie Wasserman-Schultz has confirmed the rigging of the primary in her book, the Clinton/DNC spin machine is in full effect and after criticism from the Democrats, is trying to say she did not insinuate the primary was rigged but that is exactly what is written in her book and again, she is just confirming what we already knew from the leaked emails.

In the meantime, people continue to push this silly notion that $100,000 in alleged boosted Facebook and Twitter posts swung the election an election where the Clinton campaign spent 2 billion, is naïve, a partisan puppet and a person incapable of objectivity and critical thinking.

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One Reply to “BTR News: Evidence of Clinton & The DNC Being Corrupt Is Undeniable”

  1. Clinton is the most corrupt candidate that ever ran for president in the USA . She should be doing 500 years in jail for her crimes, that’s being nice that she’s a old lady. My neighbor did 153 days for tresspassing and assault on a ATV. What’s wrong with the law in our Country?

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