Video: Democratic Candidate Alison Hartson discusses private prisons and slave labor

Cenk Uygur and Jimmy Dore sit down with Justice Democrat Alison Hartson who will challenge Diane Feinstein for her Senate seat. Wolf-PAC’s own Alison Hartson is challenging corporate Democrat Dianne Feinstein! Alison Hartson is challenging Feinstein for California Senate! Anti-corruption community organizer Alison Hartson is launching a primary challenge to Senator Dianne Feinstein! She’s a working-class leader from Orange County who has spent her life serving her community, fighting corruption and taking on the political establishment.

We have to raise $147,000 by midnight on Friday to pay for this tool called PDI – political data interface. That’s the targeted database of every California voter that we’ll need to start our HUGE field campaign to spread Alison’s progressive message. Will you join our cause and contribute $27 today?

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