Video: Celebrations erupt in Zimbabwe as President Mugabe finally resigns

By Scotty Reid, BTR News – Zimbabwe President Robert Mugabe resigned as president of Zimbabwe on Tuesday kicking off celebrations within the country. The Parliament speaker Jacob Mudenda told lawmakers which ends the 37-year rule of Robert Mugabe at times defined by brutality and economic collapse.

“I Robert Gabriel Mugabe in terms of section 96 of the constitution of Zimbabwe hereby formally tender my resignation with immediate effect,” was read by speaker Mudenda.

Celebrations in Zimbabwe kicked off as President Robert Mugabe resigned under pressure from the military, his own political party ZANU-PF and the Zimbabwe citizens. This is seen as a positive development after the crisis which was 3 years in the making as Mugabe’s old age, failing health and mental faculties left him susceptible to manipulation by his second wife and those who had aligned themselves with her to grab power for themselves following a purge of party veterans and revolutionary veterans of their war for independence seen as threats to their power grab. How prophetic their fears turned out to be.

Mrs. Mugabe was not as well liked as Mr. Mugabe’s first wife who was loved by the people who would dub his second wife “Gucci Grace” because of her lavish spending in shopping sprees in Asian countries while the majority of Zimbabweans lived in poverty conditions due to years of sanctions followed by a period of an improved economy that was sunk by the cronyism and mismanagement of the country’s resources. One of the ministers aligned with Mrs. Mugabe was found with $10 million dollars in US currency stashed in his home when he was arrested on corruption charges during the military intervention.

Some analysts say that with President Mugabe resigning peacefully, he saved the country from perhaps plunging into the kind of bloodshed seen during the early days of independence which perhaps would have given the enemies of Zimbabwe’s revolution ammunition to stage a Libyan style overthrow of the government in the name of “humanitarism” complete with a new puppet regime favorable to Western corporations and interest.

In fact, an opinion piece that appeared in the Washington DC-based news outlet The Hill, written by K. Riva Levinson, the president and CEO of KRL International LLC, a D.C. consulting firm, blatantly urged the Trump administration to attempt to exploit the political crisis by offering aid to Zimbabwe which of course is what got Zimbabwe indebted to the IMF back in the 80s.

Levinson wrote “The United States needs to work urgently with its allies in Africa, including the African Union (AU) and SADC, to create the political space for fundamental change. Together, you and our African partners must resist the temptation to make a short-term play for peace and stability, and insist on a broadly inclusive transitional authority and internationally supervised elections. The United States could further use its convening power and fiscal leverage, to mobilize a package of assistance for a post-Mugabe transformation.”

In light of Levison’s revelation that the African Union is in bed with the American government explains why the African Union said and did nothing as one of their member countries, Libya was attacked by the US and its NATO allies in order in part, to stop Ghaddafi from working with Muslim and African nations to introduced a single gold back currency on the continent. A gold and diamond-backed currency have been discussed in Zimbabwe as they set aside resources to do what Ghaddafi wanted to do for all of Africa inside of Zimbabwe which could supplant the American petrodollar which only has value because of the trading of oil using the dollar. Replacing the petrodollar is one of the key reasons Saddam Hussien was overthrown and turned over to an execution squad much like Ghaddafi would in 2011 in an operation approved by Obama and carried out by Hillary Clinton who was filmed laughing with glee upon news of the assassination by proxy of Ghaddafi.

Because of recent history, the new Zimbabwe President and his aides will have to be ever vigilant going forward as it seems they are surrounded by enemies posing as friends who are really proxy agents of the West.

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