BTR News: The Press Should Be Asking Who Sold The “Smoke” To Underaged Malia Obama?

BTR News, By Scotty Reid – Paparazzi photographs of Malia Obama and a photo that looks like someone took on their smartphone have generated quite the buzz no pun intended, ok it was, but I’m not talking about the “buzz” associated with a feeling people report having when using cannabis, but the buzz of computers and smartphones all with  buzzing from people with something to say about the content of the photos of the teen and suggest things about the content of the young teens character.

The photo that someone she probably trusts that she can’t trust took of the college teen blowing smoke rings, the assumption is that she is smoking cannabis. Assuming that is true until other evidence surfaces like it was something else like vaping, ok who are we kidding, we know the teen has been photographed in the past smoking weed at a concert overseas with secret service in tow about a year or so back.

Now the current “first lady” Ivanka Trump and Mrs. Chelsea Clinton-Mezvinsky, daughter of Hillary and Bill Clinton, have found common ground in their defense of Malia Obama and both seem to insinuate that there should be some sort of double standard that entails media silence for the children of former Presidents whether they are in office or out of office. Speaking of Presidents, does former George Hebert Walker Bush’s status as an ex-president give him immunity for a growing list of sexual assault allegations?

I agree that no young person should be demonized in the press especially when it is being politicized to use the child as a battering ram to inflict some sort of imagined emotional stress on to her parents, Barack and Michelle Obama.

Mr. Obama certainly knows a thing or two about using cannabis as a stress reliever considering his high school membership in the “Choom Gang” while living in Hawaii. Barack Obama wrote about using cannabis in both high school and college and yet still picked up academic accolades and would later make history as the first officially recognized African-American President. He is just another famous “successful cannabis” users who are stereotyped as lazy or intellectually diminished based on anecdotal evidence.

On a side note, when Barack Obama told students in Chicago that it was not wise to post photos of their cannabis use online, was he also talking to his daughters about the dangers of being a child of a famous person that Willow Smith recently confessed? Was he warning the girls not to trust all the smiling faces that lie and take advantage of them?

In terms of national drug policy, It should be noted that the human brain does not fully develop until a human being reaches 26 yrs old and it would be good public health policy not to lower the age any more than 21 yrs old and maybe cause to raise the age to 26 yrs old. The public should be warned of any possible side effects in the same way that the drugs made by Big Pharma are required to do. Medicinal forms of cannabis which are prescribed by doctors for holistic pain management and to help control and eliminate epilepsy and should remain lawful for children to be prescribed cannabis and its medicinal extracts.

However, “the press” has an obligation to their readers to delve deeper and unearth the underlying issues of this public story.

Let us try to source some facts on what is being alleged and a few of the underlying issues.

1. The photograph of Malia Obama, a 19-year-old legacy student at Harvard, kissing a European descendant boy at what appears to be a football tailgating event seems to be authentic. Personally, as an individual, that story does not interest me as it isn’t any of my business to criticize how a person expresses their human rights in the people activity area of dating/mating.

2. A second photograph showing Malia Obama, the college student, joining with most likely other college students from Harvard, mostly European descendant, consuming cannabis. Cannabis consumption isn’t illegal in Massachusets since voters took the initiative to legalized the plant in 2016 for recreational use following the medicinal legalization in 2012.

3. The legal age of cannabis consumption is in Massachusetts is 21 yrs old, just like alcohol and Malia Obama is only 19 yrs old. Establishing these particular facts show that according to federal and state laws, crimes have been committed by the person or persons who sold and/or gave cannabis to an underaged teenage college student contributing to what is legally defined as the “delinquency of a minor”.

While is reasonable for minor children of current presidents to be shielded somewhat from being used as props for politically motivated vitriol, most of it racists when pertaining to the Obama children, while still yet with a status of an adult/teenager, she is still legally defined as a minor when it comes to lawful cannabis consumption. Since she is a person with a celebrity following, she does then become a public interest story in the appropriate context.  Especially since she is no longer living on Pennsylvania Avenue in Washington, DC which itself recently made cannabis consumption lawful for those at least 21 yrs old.

As far as Mrs. Chelsea Clinton-Mezvinsky is concerned, she should be answering questions about what kind of impact on the Democratic Party with her father Bill Clinton’s sexual charges back in the press and other party members admitting to inappropriate sexual behavior.  There are also questions she could answer about the Bill, Hillary & Chelsea Clinton Foundation allegedly being a beneficiary of donations connected to the Russian Uranium One deal.

Lastly, Barack Obama should be the last person to ever give another speech scolding other Black men on being good fathers. However, I’m sure some group out there would pay him $400,000 for another such speech. This is the second time his underaged daughter has been photographed consuming cannabis unlawful he has yet to have anyone prosecuted for supplying her with drugs.

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