Video: Meghan Markle, The One Drop Rule, & Trying To Escape Blackness

Meghan Markle, the “One Drop” Rule, and Escaping Blackness

*Are there any rules for inclusion/exclusion in the African American community?

*Do biracial people get to double dip by claiming to be both Black AND “other” when it benefits them? (For example, claiming that they’re Black on college applications, in order to get affirmative action, but telling white friends that they’re biracial or multiracial.)

*As descendants of slaves, aren’t all African-Americans mixed race anyway? What’s so special about being biracial?

*Can you be both Black and biracial? You can’t be both white and biracial, so why should Black America allow biracials to define themselves as both? Or however, they want?

*Race has been used to destroy the African American community for 400 years, so doesn’t redefine race erase our justice claim?

*Is biracial identity being used as an escape from Blackness?

*Is biracial identity an individual answer to a group problem?

*Is biracial identity just another escape from avoiding the hard work of good Black politics?


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