BTR News: BIE Targeting In Texas, Dr. Umar Johnson Hearing Update, Death Penalty Wrongful Convictions

Tune in for two hours of news and commentary from the host of BTR News, guests, and you the listening public. We have several guests joining us on the broadcast tonight and we will be speaking with Kilaika Anayejali Kwa Baruti, Doshon Farad, and Mark Clements.

Kilaika Anayejali Kwa Baruti will be joining us from Texas to give us some insight into the arrest of Rakem Balogun who is reportedly a co-founder of Geronimo Tactical, Huey P. Newton Gun Club, and a principal member of Guerrilla Mainframe. All three groups are proponents of the 2nd Amendment and citizens to own and possess firearms in the United States in order to combat racist assaults and attacks on the Black community.

A press release from Guerrilla Mainframe about the arrest and calls for the release of Rakem Balogun.

[On Monday morning at 5 am, the FBI and ATF kicked Rakem Balogun’s door down and took him into custody, on a seek and destroy mission in search for illegal weapons. Since that day he has been held captive; essentially kidnapped by the F.B.I.

The F.B.I. report detailing the perceived BIE threat specifically discusses the shooting of Dallas police officers in July 2016. The document was prepared by the F.B.I Domestic Terrorism Analysis Unit and has shown an effort to “criminalize” political organizers with progressive and revolutionary ethics. ]

The full Press release found here.

At the top of the second our, we will be speaking to independent journalist Doshon Farad, a reporter who has participated in panel discussions with Roland Martin whose NewsOne program was canceled despite decent ratings. Mr. Farad traveled to Philadelphia to attend a hearing at the Pennsylvania Bureau of Professional and Occupational Affairs whereas the board was alleging that Dr. Umar Johnson was presenting himself as a licensed psychologist which he denies. Mr. Farad was able to capture video and audio from within the hearing and an impromptu press conference at the conclusion of the hearing.

During the last half hour, we will speak with anti-death penalty activists Mark Clements. Mark Clements of The Campaign to End the Death Penalty gave an update today on the death penalty case of Rodney Reed. Rodney Reed is a Texas Death Row inmate from Bastrop County, Texas, is currently on death row for the 1996 murder of Stacey Stites, 19, who was engaged to Officer Jimmy Fennell at the time of her murder. Legal experts say they believe that Reed was framed and is innocent of murdering the young woman. KXAN, Texas reports,

“The visiting judge who oversaw an October hearing of new evidence in the Rodney Reed case has made a recommendation to the Court of Criminal Appeals against Reed getting a new trial, according to Reed’s defense attorney. Visiting Judge Doug Shaver’s recommendation for a decision in favor of the state is an obstacle for Reed’s defense. However, Reed’s attorney Bryce Benjet said it is not a final decision. The Appeals Court will make the ultimate decision in the coming months.”

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