What Does Federal Law Say About Prison Slavery

On New Abolitionists Radio, the guys went over a recent federal court case where a prisoner sued the government claiming slavery was outlawed by the US Consitution and making him work was cruel and unusual punishment. Let us review the facts.

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2 Replies to “What Does Federal Law Say About Prison Slavery”

  1. Hi my name is Jimmy and I have a question. Why is there nothing being said or done about black people being sold at auction in Libya. look it up on CNN and the New York Post 2017. The story came and went and no one cares.

    1. There is something being said about it in the alternative media, we have covered it and was blasting the Obama administration when they invaded in 2011. The mainstream corporate media was forced to do the little coverage that they did because of grassroots media but if you recall, they also pushed the propaganda lies of the administration to get the American people behind the decision to overthrow Libya which was an active US ally at the time. Just today, I posted a video on our social media platform that Mr. T. West did about what is going on right now in Libya. https://youtu.be/aYaIvQMgPgY

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