Using FTP To Upload & Manage Audio Files On Your Digital Radio Server

This tutorial will walk you through the steps of using the free FileZilla FTP software to quickly connect to your digital radio server and upload audio files to your “media” folds from which you can manage the files by dragging them into playlists you have created. Black Talk Media Project’s interface uses Centova Cast to manage its client’s radio streams, clients can learn more about managing their digital radio stations by reading the software’s manual.

Sections of the manual related to this tutorial are highlighted below:

Uploading Media Via FTP 

Understanding Playlists 

Adding Media to a Playlist

Don’t forget to download and install FileZilla’s free FTP software if you haven’t already.

 Download FileZilla FTP Solution for Mac & Windows

This tutorial was last updated 3/11/2018. Help support the creation of independent radio stations by making a donation to the Black Talk Media Project.

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