An Unstoppable Russian Hypersonic Nuclear Capable Missile Successfully Test-launched From A MiG-31 jet.

BTR News (Moscow) – In 2002, The United States during the Bush administration withdrew from the landmark 1972 Anti-Ballistic Missile (ABMTreaty on June 13. There was little debate on the issue in Congress and not many protests in the United States abrogating the treaty and its prohibition against nationwide missile defenses. as the US corporate news media and the Clinton/Obama wing of the Democratic Party push cold war rhetoric about Russia to provide cover for Clinton monumental loss to the political novice, former reality tv host and suspected white nationalist, Donald Trump.

Bush And Putin
Russian President Vladimir Putin held talks with U.S. President George W. Bush at the Konstantinovsky Palace near St. Petersburg. The two presidents signed a protocol on the ratification by the parliaments of both countries of the Russian-U.S. Strategic Offensive Arms Reduction Treaty and exchanged instruments of ratification

However back in 2002, the Bush administration declared the ABM Treaty a Cold War relic and painted it as the sole obstacle to building a national missile defense, one of the administration’s top priorities and one of the US military defense contractor’s top priorities as well. After the Russian military successfully tested an unstoppable ballistic missile capable of carrying both nuclear and conventional munitions, the decision back in 2002 by the United States to abandoned the treaty seems even more pivotal in retrospect.

Earlier this month Russian President Vladimir Putin singled out the Kinzhal missile while discussing the new nuclear weapons intended to bolster Russia’s military capability and render the U.S. missile defense systems useless which the United States has been selling and/or deploying in nations on Russian borders which it considers a threat.

The Kinzhal missile which can be fired from the air, land or sea, is said to fly 10 times faster than the speed of sound and currently has a range of more than 1,250 miles.  The Russian military said it’s capable of hitting both targets on land and ships at sea. While described as a test, the latest demonstration was really more of a confirmation and a message to adversaries that it Russia possess such technology as President Putin stated that the missile has already deployed to a combat unit in Russia’s Southern Military District.

The US Department of Defense has yet to comment on this development in Russia’s ballistic missile technology with its nuclear capability. One can safely assume that this will lead to a new arms race in ballistic missiles.

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